legally protect your digital products

How to Legally Protect Your Digital Products When Selling Online

Legally protect your digital products by adding a Copyright & Disclaimer template to your site.

If you’re planning on selling digital products online through your website, you must legally protect your digital goods by having copyright legal templates.

In this post, I will tell you why you need it and how you can get legal templates to protect yourself and your digital products when you’re selling them online.

What is a Copyright Notice and Disclaimer Template?

A Copyright Notice and Disclaimer is the type of legal template you need to protect your hard work from being stolen and to legally protect yourself from any wrongdoing (Limitation of Legal Liability).

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If you plan to sell any digital product online, you will need a Copyright Notice and Disclaimer for your website.

In addition to that, you will also need to add three more templates: a Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, and Terms and Conditions.

legally protect your digital products
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Why Do You Need It?

Selling digital products has become a great side hustle that doesn’t require much money, and it’s easy to start. It can become a great source of passive income.

It’s why it has become an extremely popular business model in the last couple of years.

Thus, it also becomes an easy target for copycats and thieves who love stealing other people’s work to make a profit.

I’ve seen them everywhere. And I bet so had you. Am I right?

It’s a Common Mistake of Not Having Any Legal Protection When Starting an Online Business

Any new online business that is just starting, whether a blog, e-commerce, or freelancing business, thinks that their online business doesn’t need legal templates when starting.

legally protect your digital products
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You need it because not only do you protect your business, but you also are protecting yourself. And legal templates are not expensive because you can get them online.

However, you must be careful where you’re getting it from.

Another BIG NO NO is that you cannot get “free legal templates” online.

Also, you don’t have to hire a lawyer to get them.

But your legal templates do have to be written by an actual lawyer that specializes in business matters.

You can find legal templates online.

However, not all legal templates are created equal, and not all legal templates are written by an actual lawyer.

It’s why I trust and highly recommend getting it from a website owned by an actual lawyer. My go-to choice for this is A Self-Guru website.

A Self-Guru is a website owned by a lawyer named Amira, and she specializes in protecting businesses, including those that are online.

You can check out her website to learn who Amira is and how she can help your business get legal protection from an honest lawyer.

She sells all kinds of legal templates for all types of businesses. I bought 3 of her templates for my blog that I will use for my e-commerce store. (Coming soon!)

legally protect your digital products

I recently asked Amira on her Facebook Group a question.

I asked her about what legal templates I need to add for my e-commerce business when I am going to be selling digital products.

legally protect your digital products

This was my question:

Hello. I have a question. I am about to launch an e-commerce store and I only have the 3 basic templates for bloggers. Can I use those templates or should I get a new one? Also, in my store I am only selling digital downloads like printable arts so there will be no refunds. So, I don’t think I will need a refund/no return policy. Thanks so much in advance.

This was her response:

“Hi Ana, yes, you would still need the 3 legal pages (privacy policy, disclaimer and terms and conditions) for your e-commerce store. Make sure to include your no refund/exchange policy in your terms and conditions template and have your customers click to accept them at the time of purchase. In addition to these, you will also need this Copyright Notice and disclaimer template for your printable arts to avoid theft and limit your legal liability. You can grab this template for any digital products (printable, ebook, course, etc)…”

So, there you go. You do need legal templates for your online business. It doesn’t matter the type of business you will have or already have.

It’s not expensive to buy legal templates from an actual lawyer, and it’s worth the investment.


Selling digital products is a great source of passive income. However, you must also protect your digital goods from thieves and copycats.

To protect your hard work and yourself, it will be necessary to have a Copyright Notice and Disclaimer template.

Selling online or starting any online business requires having legal templates. It’s like requiring on having a permit to open a brick-and-mortar store. Same concept.

Having legal templates written by an actual lawyer specializing in business legal matters is worth the investment.

Even if you decide to close the online business for any reason, you will not lose those templates because you will have them saved on your computer.

You will need the Copyright Notice and Disclaimer template to sell digital products online and through your website. You can get it here through my link.

It’s affordable and easy to add to your site. I also recommend getting the other 3 templates: Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, and Terms and Conditions.


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