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About Me:

Welcome to The Work at Home Blogger! I’m Ana. My family and friends call me Anita. I am the founder and voice behind this blog. As an aspiring entrepreneur who started with limited resources, I understand the challenges of building a business from the ground up. Through trial and error, I’ve learned valuable lessons about starting an online business on a shoestring budget, and I’m passionate about sharing these insights with others.

About Me

But my journey hasn’t been without its hurdles. As an introvert who prefers the comfort of my own space, I’ve faced my fair share of mental health challenges, including burnout, anxiety, and financial stress. These struggles have taught me the importance of prioritizing mental wellness and mindful budgeting, especially in the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship.

Here at The Work at Home Blogger, I’m committed to providing practical advice, resources, and inspiration to fellow entrepreneurs who are navigating similar challenges. Whether you’re seeking tips on launching a business with limited funds, strategies for maintaining mental wellness while working remotely, or insights on budgeting for success, you’ll find it all here.

I believe in the power of authenticity and vulnerability, so I’m dedicated to openly and honestly sharing my experiences. Putting myself out there is not always easy, but I know that by sharing my story, I can create a supportive community where others feel seen, heard, and empowered to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

My Plans to Pivot This Blog and Why I am Changing Routes

There are a few things I have in mind for this blog. I came to the conclusion that this website is meant as a resource for y’all. I learned from watching YouTube videos and TikTok how many of you want to start a business with a low budget or have to deal with mental health such as depression, anxiety, fears, and struggle daily to open up due to fear of being judged.

I deal with these things in my life. It’s something that I carry with me and it’s heavy. I am no longer going to be posting blog posts to promote affiliate links. This website was only an “affiliate marketing” website. That is no longer the case.

Please, bear with me as I make this change. I am changing not just the look but also a few posts. Pivoting is not easy, but is something I must do.

My end goal for this blog is to discuss more about things that matter such as mental health, budgeting, starting a business, and no longer about just making money.

What’s most important in life is to care for our wellbeing not just our pockets. So, I will talk about why having a mental health check is important. It is something I believe is crucial to keep in check. Just like we take care of our bodies, teeth, and our pockets. Mental health needs TLC too.

It’s for our well-being after all.

Taking care of our mental health is important especially when running a business or even if you’re a remote worker. Even if you’re not working, mental health is something we can no longer ignore.

It’s why I decided to include mental health topics (coming soon) because I deal with this daily. And, I know that I am not the only one struggling with this.

I will also add topics about budgeting and saving money because these are my personal struggles when running a business. I will share my journey with you as I am dealing with this.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Let’s embrace the power of mindful budgeting, prioritize our mental wellness, and build businesses that align with our values and aspirations.


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