Shopify: Starter Plan vs. Basic Plan

Here is what you need to know about these two pricing plans.

Starting an online store is an exciting venture, but selecting the right e-commerce platform is a critical decision. Shopify, one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, offers a range of plans tailored to different business needs.

In this blog post, we will explore the differences between the Shopify Starter Plan and the Shopify Basic Plan, helping you decide which one is the best fit for your business.

We will discuss their features, benefits, pros and cons, and provide information on how to sign up for these plans. If you plan to make 2024 your year to start an online business, then this is your chance to do so.

You can start selling with the cheapest plan vs. Shopify’s basic plan.

Shopify is now offering a new price plan much lower than the Basic, making it affordable for everyone who wants to start an e-commerce business in 2024. This is the perfect time to start your ecommerce store for only $1.

starter plan

This new pricing plan is called the Shopify Starter plan, and I will tell you more about it in this post.

I will also compare both plans (Starter and Basic) to help you decide which plan is best for your business needs.

Also, the great news is that Shopify is offering a $1 trial with 1 month on selected plans. (affiliate link)

starter plan

Why Shopify?

  • Multiple pricing options, and now has more affordable pricing options to offer.
  • Shopify is a reputable, well-known global brand that is known as one of the best e-commerce platforms on the market.
  • You can sell either in person, online, or both. And, from any part of the world.

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What Do You Need to Know About These Two Price Plans?

What is the Starter Plan?

The Starter Plan is a new plan that Shopify is currently offering to aspiring entrepreneurs interested in or planning on opening a new e-commerce store.

This plan is the most affordable of all the plans available. It starts at $5 per month and is easy and quick to create and launch your store.

Shopify Starter Plan: Open your Store for Only $5 a month

The Benefits of the Starter Plan

  • It’s affordable. Pricing starts at $5 per month.
  • No coding is needed, or a Shopify website. This allows you to sell directly through social media and messaging apps.
  • No more spending time creating a website for your store if you already have an established social media presence.

The Features of the Starter Plan

  • You can have a simple storefront with just a few clicks. No website is needed. All you need are the images and product descriptions for each product.
  • Easily share your products on all your social media and messaging apps. Each post showcasing your products will have a clickable shopping link. This will make it easier for your customers to buy the product directly without leaving the platform.
  • You will also have a bio link for your social media channels, which you can easily monetize.
  • Analytics, order management, and reliable customer support are included in all plans.
  • You can easily upgrade to the Basic plan when your business grows.
starter plan

Benefits and Features

  1. User-Friendly Interface: Shopify offers an intuitive and user-friendly platform, making it easy for beginners to set up and manage their online store.
  2. Customizable Store: You can create a unique and personalized online store with the Starter Plan. Choose from a variety of themes and customize them to match your brand.
  3. 24/7 Customer Support: Shopify provides round-the-clock customer support to assist you with any issues or questions you may have.
  4. Unlimited Products: Despite being the entry-level plan, the Starter Plan allows you to list and sell an unlimited number of products.
  5. Mobile-Responsive Design: Your online store will be optimized for mobile devices, ensuring that your customers have a seamless shopping experience on smartphones and tablets.
  6. Secure Shopping Cart: Shopify takes care of security, offering a secure shopping cart for both you and your customers’ peace of mind.
  7. Payment Options: The Starter Plan supports various payment options, including credit cards and PayPal, making it convenient for your customers to complete their purchases.
  8. SEO-Friendly: Built-in SEO features help your store rank well on search engines, increasing your online visibility.
  9. Inventory Management: You can efficiently manage your product inventory with Shopify’s tools, helping you keep track of stock levels and restocking needs.
  10. Analytics and Reports: Gain insights into your store’s performance with built-in analytics and reporting features.

Pros of the Starter Plan

  • Affordable pricing for small businesses and startups.
  • A user-friendly platform with excellent customer support.
  • No transaction fees if you use Shopify Payments for your payment processing.
  • Scalable: You can upgrade to more advanced plans as your business grows.
  • Access to the Shopify App Store for additional functionalities.

Cons of the Starter Plan

  • Limited advanced features: It lacks features like gift cards and professional reports available in higher-tier plans.
  • Transaction fees apply if you use external payment gateways.
  • Limited customization options compared to higher-tier plans.

Basic Plan

The Basic Plan is designed for businesses that have grown beyond the initial stages and are looking for additional features to enhance their online presence. While it comes at a slightly higher price point, it offers more advanced tools and capabilities.

What you need to know of the Shopify Basic Plan

  • The Basic plan normally costs $29 monthly and has a free 14-day trial. However, you can now try it for $1 for 1 month on selected plans.
  • Everything you need to create your store. You can easily sell, ship, and process your payments.
  • You can sell directly in person or online. You can do both, too. You must add a POS Pro Plan for $89 monthly plus your basic plan. POS doesn’t qualify for the Starter Plan. The POS Pro Plan is also available on a 3 day trial and 1 month for only $1.

Read more to learn more on this blog post: https://www.theworkathomeblogger.com/blog/shopify-pos-your-all-in-one-solution-for-modern-retail-success

Benefits and Features

Features of the Basic Plan

online shopping, cart, buy
online shopping, cart, buy
  • An easy-to-use platform to help you create your website. No coding is required.
  • You can add unlimited products to your store.
  • You can promote and sell your products through multiple sales channels within Shopify.
  • You have access to live data, analytics, and much more.
  • You can sell globally.
  • If you need help with anything (including help with creating and setting up your store), Shopify has a marketplace where you can find the best experts to help you with anything you might need.


  1. All Starter Plan Features: The Basic Plan includes all the features of the Starter Plan, making it a smooth transition for businesses that are already on the Starter Plan.
  2. Abandoned Cart Recovery: With this feature, you can recover potentially lost sales by sending automated reminders to customers who abandon their shopping carts.
  3. Professional Reporting: Access advanced reports that provide valuable insights into your store’s performance, helping you make data-driven decisions.
  4. Gift Cards: Offer gift cards to your customers, a great way to boost sales and attract new customers.
  5. Lower Transaction Fees: Transaction fees are lower with the Basic Plan if you choose to use external payment gateways.
  6. Additional Staff Accounts: Collaborate with team members by creating and managing additional staff accounts.

Pros of the Basic Plan

  • All the features of the Starter Plan with added benefits.
  • Abandoned cart recovery can help you boost sales.
  • Professional reporting tools for data-driven decisions.
  • Gift card support for more marketing options.
  • Lower transaction fees for external payment gateways.
  • More staff accounts for better collaboration.

Cons of the Basic Plan

  • Slightly higher monthly cost compared to the Starter Plan. The starting price of the Basic Plan is $29 after a $ 1-month trial ends. The $ 1-month trial includes a free 3-day trial.
  • Limited to two staff accounts; you may need to upgrade to a higher plan for more accounts.
  • While it includes professional reporting, advanced analytics tools are still limited compared to higher-tier plans.

The Basic plan has been known for years as the “main price” plan for solopreneurs when starting an online business.

Pricing Plans of Shopify POS
Pricing plans for Shopify POS


starter plan
starter plan

FAQ Section

1. Can I switch between the Starter Plan and the Basic Plan at any time?

  • Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time within the Shopify dashboard.

2. What payment options are available with Shopify?

  • Shopify supports a wide range of payment options, including Shopify Payments, credit cards, PayPal, and various external payment gateways.

3. Do I need to sign a long-term contract for either plan?

  • No, Shopify plans are billed on a month-to-month basis, and you can cancel at any time.

4. Can I use my own domain name with both plans?

  • Yes, you can use your own domain name or purchase one through Shopify.

5. Are there any additional transaction fees with the Starter and Basic Plans?

  • While there are no transaction fees if you use Shopify Payments, external payment gateways may charge their own transaction fees.

Which Plan (Starter or Basic) is Best?

The answer depends on you. Both plans start at $1 per month. The difference between the starter plan and the basic plan is that the starter plan doesn’t include a desktop website.

This is something you must think about and also depends on your business needs, plan, and goals for your online business.

starter plan

You can start with the Starter plan to check it out, and as soon as you see growth in your business, then it’s time for an upgrade.

shopify $1 starter plan
Shopify Starter Plan Pricing $1 per month

How to Sign Up for Starter and Basic Plans

Signing up for either the Shopify Starter Plan or Basic Plan is a straightforward process:

  1. Visit the Shopify Website: Go to Shopify’s official website.
  2. Choose Your Plan: Click on the “Get Started” or “Choose a Plan” button, and select the plan that best suits your needs (Starter or Basic).
  3. Create Your Store: Follow the on-screen instructions to create your online store. You’ll need to provide details about your business, choose a unique store name, and customize your store’s appearance.
  4. Set Up Your Products: Add your products to your store, set prices, and configure shipping options.
  5. Select a Payment Method: Choose a payment method that suits your business, whether it’s Shopify Payments or an external payment gateway.
  6. Enter Billing Information: Provide your billing information to start your subscription. Remember, you can cancel at any time.
  7. Start Selling: Once you’ve completed these steps, your online store is ready for business. You can begin selling your products to a global audience.

With Shopify now offering a $ 1-month trial with 3 days FREE and on selected plans, you can launch your business in 2024. So, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

starter plan


The Starter and Basic Plans cater to businesses at different stages of their e-commerce journey. The Starter Plan is a great entry point for those just starting, offering essential features at an affordable price. On the other hand, the Basic Plan provides additional tools and capabilities that can help businesses grow and succeed.

Before making a decision, consider your business’s current needs and future goals. Evaluate the features, pricing, and limitations of both plans to determine which one aligns best with your business model. Remember, Shopify offers flexibility, allowing you to upgrade or downgrade as your business evolves.

No matter which plan you choose, Shopify provides a reliable and user-friendly platform for building and growing your online store, making it a top choice for e-commerce entrepreneurs. Good luck with your e-commerce journey!

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