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15 Top Profitable Blogging Niches in 2023 and Beyond

You can use these top profitable blogging niche ideas to start a blog in 2022 and beyond.

Are you having trouble deciding what niche you want for your upcoming blog? Here are the top 15 profitable blogging niches in 2023 and beyond that you can choose for your new blog.

This blog post will help you decide your topic or niche. I know that there are so many niche ideas you can find on the internet.

There are hundreds of ideas for a blog niche. And that alone can be overwhelming when it comes to finding the right one for your blog.

It’s possible you can get analysis paralysis just by having so much information.

It’s important to decide which is the right one for you and if you can make money from it.

You can monetize your blog in different ways: affiliate marketing, ads, sponsorships, memberships, courses, and much more.

Read this article to learn more about how to make money with blogging.

Four Important Criteria When Selecting Your Niche:

  1. Audience Revenue Potential
  2. Affiliate Marketing Potential
  3. Keyword Research
  4. Leverage your Professional Expertise

What Are The 15 Top Profitable Blogging Niches in 2023 and Beyond?

profitable blogging niches

Here is my list of top niches in 2022 and beyond, from most in high demand to low demand.

1. Small business marketing

This is no surprise because, thanks to Covid, many local and small businesses have either shut down or gone digital to retain and attract new clients.

blogging niches

* Digital marketing
* Content marketing
* Ads/SEM
* Social media marketing

2. Entrepreneurship

Again due to Covid, it brought massive layoffs when some businesses were shut down.

Those that stayed home either learned new skills while waiting for unemployment or waited to go back to work.

The majority started their side hustling online through YouTube, blogging or freelancing.

The shutdown brought in the push needed to start an online business.

* Side hustle
* Freelancing
* Startup
* Online business (POD, dropshipping, eCommerce, content creator, social media influencer)
* Making money online or making money from home (writing, blogging, publishing, vlogging, affiliate marketing)

3. Career Development/Job Searching

Some professionals didn’t want to return to the office after the business re-opened.

These employees wanted to continue working remotely, and the demand for a massive job search for remote jobs has increased.

According to the CNBC blog, the increase is 460%.

* Remote working
* Working from home
* Learning new skills
* Productivity hacks
* Software/Technology (example: AI tools)
* Work-life balance
* Leadership

4. Digital Marketing*

Digital marketing has also increased as demand for both marketing small businesses and also for job searches.

On LinkedIn, currently, there is a demand for Digital Marketers worldwide for over 640,000 thousand job openings.

So, the demand for digital marketing services for businesses is high as well as for job openings.

*Depends on the intent, such as:
a. As a career-remote work, changing career, learning new skills for job growth
b. Small business marketing or B2B services for online marketing to promote as a freelancing services on Upwork or Fiverr.

5. Personal development

As the pandemic has progressed with no sign of stopping, people’s mindset has shifted.

Self-development topics and interests have skyrocketed in many aspects of their life, such as career, spiritual, relationships, physical, and mental health.

The demand for personal development has increased.

blogging niches

Self-Improvement Market Size: Marketdata estimates that the U.S. self-improvement market was worth $11.6 billion in 2019, and that it contracted by 10% to $10.5 billion in 2020. Marketdata forecasts a 7.7% rebound in 2021, to $11.3 billion, and forecasts 6.0% average annual growth to $14.0 billion by 2025.

* Spiritual
* Physical
* Mental
* Emotional
* Career/Professional
* Financial

6. Writing

The demand for content writers and content marketing has been increasing to do internet, and consumers are always online through mobile devices or laptops.

Businesses have always found benefits to outsourcing freelance writers from anywhere because of the low cost and convenience of online marketing.

  • * Freelance Writing
    * Blogging
    * Author
    * Screenwriter
    * Songwriter
    * Journalist
    * Copywriting
    * Publishing/Self-publishing

Below are more examples of blog niches you can find more information about and see which one you find interesting.

7. Female Empowerment

blogging niches

* Personal development
* Parenting
* Relationship/marriages
* Financial
* Entrepreneurship/work-life balance

8. Investing

blogging niches

* Crypto
* Real estate
* Retirement
* Trading and selling

9. Personal Finance

* Budgeting
* Money management
* Passive income
* Investing
* Paying off debt
* Saving money

blogging niches

10. Natural living/health wellness

blogging niches

* Organic
* Vegan
* Diet and losing weight
* Holistic
* Fitness (yoga, pilates, weight training, cardio)

11. Educational/Online Learning

blogging niches

* Homeschooling
* Tutoring
* Learning new skills/Certifications for professionals

12. Technical/Gaming blogs

blogging niches

* Tutorials
* Products reviews
* Trends (ex: AI)
* Gameplay

13. Parenting

blogging niches

* Multiple categories are available Depending on the child’s age
* Single Parenting, Same Sex Parenting, Challenges of Parenting
* Kids crafts
* Raising teens
* Busy mom/dad hacks and productivity ideas
* Discipline
* Working mom/dad life
* Budgeting and teaching money habits to children

14. Traveling

blogging niches

* Saving money while traveling
* Low cost of living countries
* Best cities/countries to live for digital nomads
* Digital nomad lifestyle
* Expats lifestyle
* Moving abroad-how to

15. DIY blog

*Arts and Crafts
*Home decor
*Hacks and tricks
*Tiny houses/tiny homes
*DIY for kids
*Budgeting for DIY projects
*Products reviews and testing for supplies and projects

In Conclusion

The 15 top profitable blogging niches you can choose from for your new blog in 2023 and beyond.

I listed the 15 niches from top to lowest, so you can see which niche is in high demand.

I hope you found this blog post helpful. All of these niches have the potential for growth and monetization.

Best of luck in your blogging journey. Thanks for reading!

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